WhoDoes Grows Up


ScreenshotWe looked at online project management provider WhoDoes when they first launched about a year ago. Now they’re out with their 2.0 release, which adds new features – as well as a selection of paid plans to supplement their free starter package.

The core of WhoDoes remains simple task management, with tasks grouped into milestones grouped into projects. There are some new tweaks in this area – for example, you can assign and reorder tasks by drag and drop – but the real advances are in the area of team and collaborative work.For starters, WhoDoes now maintains a searchable directory of users. You can choose in your own settings whether to be visible or invisible in this directory – or to be visible only to other users from your own email domain. You can build your team up in two ways now: search for people in the directory or invite them to join WhoDoes. Of course you can assign tasks to anyone on your team.

In addition to task-sharing, WhoDoes 2.0 also enables file sharing among team members. You can upload a document to any task, and also view a full list of documents in a repository area.

Two other features are available only with paid subscriptions (and in a 30-day trial for free accounts): fast planning and project email. Fast planning gives you a single screen where you can rapidly add milestones and tasks, as well as assign them to users. Project email gives you a way to send email to a project and have it added to the repository.

Free accounts are limited to 1 project and 5MB of storage. Paid upgrades, starting at $5.99 per month, add more projects, more space, and (depending on the level) optional features. You get unlimited users at all levels. With the edition of the team features, WhoDoes is worth a closer look by any group seeking a streamlined online management tool.

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