Vid-Biz: SAG, ABC, NBC


Studios, SAG Still Clashing Over Clips; studios want to pay a flat fee to use clips of old TV shows and films online rather than bargain with each performer. (Reuters)

ABC Unveils New Ad Measurement Tool; to combat lower ratings and ad dollars shifting to the more-trackable web, the network created “Advertising Value Index,” which lets advertisers choose criteria that’s important to them. (The Wall Street Journal)

NBC Revving Up More Webisodes for Primetime Shows; mini-Office series will follow Kevin, mini-Heroes will focus on the discovery of a new villain. (MeeVee Blog)

What’s Up With the AT&T CDN? Company announced it was getting into the space back in December, but nary a peep has been heard since. (Silicon Alley Insider) (UPDATE: Streaming Media has the skinny. AT&T to spend $70-$80 million on infrastructure, hopes to have 400Gbps of capacity online by the end of 2008. (Streaming Media)

Clear Channel Partners with StudioNow; deal will help smaller advertisers put video ads on Clear Channel’s web sites. (MediaWeek)

Chinese Lip-Syncers Premiere Third (!) Movie; Ha! Ha! Ha! stars the “Back Dorm Boys,” who rose to fame by lip-syncing the Backstreet Boys. (The Hollywood Reporter)

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