Totlol Already Has One Convert (and Her 2-Year-Old)

It’s not really that fair to judge niche sites if you’re not in the niche. So when we heard about new kid-oriented video-sharing site Totlol, we asked our resident mom, Stacey Higginbotham, for her take.

Stacey’s daughter *loves* web video — apparently she’s already figured out how to click the replay button on a YouTube player. And as a two-year-old, Anna fits right into Totlol’s six-month-old to six-year-old demographic.

Stacey said she would “totally” use the site to entertain her daughter. “A quick check shows content Anna would love, like Elmo and The Wiggles.” She added, “It’s hard to search this out on YouTube, especially with a wiggling toddler trying to grab the mouse.”

Anna already watches about 30 minutes of online video a week, according to Stacey, usually in 5-7 minute chunks. “It would be a lot more if she weren’t in daycare.” Stacey’s criticism was that she’d like to see filters to separate videos for different ages.

Vancouver, British Columbia-based Totlol depends on parent volunteers (who have to be at least 18 years old) to submit appropriate content via a Totlol interface to search YouTube (which is made available through its newly revised APIs). I did notice that parent members looking for age-appropriate content appear to have let some bootleg versions of television shows through, but hey, that’s a different kind of filter.

Though it might be tempting to group Totlol with kid-oriented social networks, I think it makes a lot more sense than they do. Kids have a much bigger need for entertainment than they do for their own online presence. And hey, it’s less passive than oldteevee if you’re reaching out your hand to use the mouse yourself.


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