The Wind is blowing to the US


Msiwind2Another entrant in the increasingly crowded cheap sub-notebook category is the MSI Wind and Joanna Stern of Laptop Magazine has interviewed the folks behind the Wind to get the real scoop.  The Wind will come in both an 8.9-inch and 10-inch screen models although the 10-inch model is the only one that will blow into the US in June.  There will be Linux and Windows XP versions of both and the Linux version will start at $399, the benchmark entry price for the genre.  Check out Joanna’s interview to get the whole story behind the Wind.


John Ultra Portable

The Eee901 has the faster Atom Processor and totally knocks the Wind out of this UMPC.

Mike Whalen

I just can’t stand the default resolutions on these devices. The Wind is no better. I am so mad, I would KICK my eee, but I am not sure if I’m kicking the Wind or the EEE. I can’t tell them apart!!


Funny you say that. I own both an Eee Pc and the HP Mini-Note. If I had to pick which one the Wind looks more like, it’d have to be the Eee.

We, obviously, aren’t going to see eye-to-eye on this one. We’ll just have to agree to disagree.


get your eyes checked Nate, the Wind looks more like the HP Mini because they are both very “rounded”. but the Wind went with white plastic vs the HP Mini’s silver metal.

go take a look at the EEE in person.. although i like its functionality, it’s a very bland/boxy design. it couldnt get any more plain (traditional) if it tried, reminds me of something Dell would have made 5 years ago.


I agree that they do look quite different. The eee actually has style and originality, while this is just your generic korean looking white lappy. this might be the better deal though…


uummm, they look nothing alike.

the Wind is rounded, svelte, with clean lines, very Apple-esque

the EEE is an ugly blocky circa 90’s looking laptop. like if IBM made a “kids line”.

only thing they have in common is being white, me suggest you learn to look deeper into design than just the outlying color.


It blows the ugly Eee away?

The thing looks, almost, exactly like the Eee.


very nice looking laptop, blows the ugly EEE away.

is the 8.9″ & 10″ the same form factor or just swapping out bigger screen vs better speakers?

thats great theyve managed 6hours (probably 5 real world) of battery life on a 6-cell battery, with an HDD & bigger screen! the EEE can only get about 3.5hours real world on their 6cell, with SSD & smaller screen. the EEE CPU is a real killer, plus their batteries & other components are manufactured quite poorly which is a huge contribution to subpar life.

Cody B

Look, my new laptop! I would like the 8.9″ though, but I can put up with 10″

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