Google’s recycled mouse in two of the four Google colors

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Redgo42049I always wondered where mice went when they died. Now I know: sadly, they end up at Google. Oh wait… these recycled mice aren’t made of old mice, they’re recycled from plastics. Whew, that’s much less morbid. For under $20 of real, not recycled money, you can have one of these Google mice in either red or blue. There’s yellow and green in the Google logo, so don’t be surprised if they appear as future color options too. The small mouse offers 800 optical dpi; clearly the red optics are recycled from Skynet. Also included is a wireless USB dongle that’s stored inside, next to the two AAA batteries. Not bad for travel and helps spread the Google to the three folks left on the planet that have never heard of it.By the way, I never realized Google had an on-line store until just now. There are a few categories of all things Google, like apparel, office, fun and more. I’m jonesing for a new Google bike jersey, so that’s going on my birthday wish list right now.(via TRFJ)

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From the Google product description:

“The lightweight wireless optical mouse is portable enough to go anywhere and has a WIFI dongle stored inside for easy USB connectivity to your notebook computer.”

Surely they don’t really use WIFI??

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