Evernote 1.1 beta for Mac includes PDF support

EvernotebetacoffeecoasterI see from TUAW that the beta client of Evernote for the Mac got a revision boost recently; the latest version is 1.1 and there’s some nice additions in the client. You can now take advantage of Mac OS X’s native Print to PDF function as I just did with the silly picture of our coffee coaster. I wanted to use the coaster to test the iSight note feature along with the text recognition of what’s on the coaster. Evernote nailed it of course… searching for text in the picture returns the pic in my notebook and highlights the recognized text.There’s also some new views in the new version to help you customize and organize the way you want to view your digital memories. I must have missed the location data that you can save to any note as well; it’s probably been there all along. With it you can enter the latitude and longitude of your digital note; handy for pics. I wonder if the client can read and auto-insert that data from digital cameras supporting EXIF?After a quick sync of my information, it’s amazing to see such a seamless experience between the Mac client and the web interface; a quick look on my PC shows the same batch of notes and since all of the indexing is done on the server, it’s irrelevant which client I use: Evernote finds the data I’m searching for every time.


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