LG Launches DVB-T Handset

LG (SEO: 066570) has launched a DVB-T compatible handset in Germany reports Telecoms Korea…so what was DVB-H for again? I don’t know how well the handset works nor how well it transcodes video intended for a large screen onto that of a 2″ handset, but DVB-T has some obvious advantages over DVB-H. First, DVB-T networks are already deployed in most European countries as opposed to DVB-H only being available in Italia, Netherlands and Finland. Second, the DVB-T service is free, while the DVB-H services require subscriptions. LG plans to launch the handset in France, Greece, Czech and Austria in the future, which just leaves the question of how eager carriers will be to sell a handset that accesses a video stream that will compete with their own (paid) offerings, and whether LG can bypass the carriers and sell straight to the public. It’s also been pointed out by a commentator that “you have to pay a fee for every TV set you own to collecting societies” for the DVB-T services, and it’s likely that fee will be charged for handsets as well.

Last week it was noted that T-Mobile in Germany plans on selling a DVB-T phone because it didn’t get a licence for a DVB-H service.

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