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Clear Channel Expands Online Activities, May Include Pandora: Report

While the effort to take Clear Channel (NYSE: CCU) private hangs in the balance, the radio network has an online expansion wave in the works — possibly including customized radio. Billboard reports that Clear Channel is negotiating with Pandora to offer its service across all of the company’s properties.

“The partnership should prove a major boon to Pandora, which is struggling with how to remain operational under the weight of the new Webcaster royalty rates. The exact details of the deal between the two parties have not yet been disclosed, and Clear Channel declined to comment on the specifics.” But online head Evan Harrison told Billboard: “If we don’t expand our offerings under our umbrella, people will just go elsewhere for it.”

Clear Channel launched its first national player — erockster — at Coachella. It’s also added Gracenote’s lyric service. And users will be able to install widgets for streaming a station from social networking profiles

One Response to “Clear Channel Expands Online Activities, May Include Pandora: Report”

  1. Frank692

    Finally a step in the right direction. Their online radio venture is lagging way behind AOL and CBS. They are going to need someone like Pandora, Dash Media ( or AMG ( to make them relevant.

    You can't just expect people to come and listen when places like Slacker and let you pick the songs and artists you want to hear when you want to hear them.