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Barry Diller: Curiosity As Business Plan

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Portfolio dishes up yet another in-depth, not-so-deep look at IAC (NSDQ: IACI) chairman and CEO Barry Diller, the man, the myth … you know the drill. Read the article for the history and current events lessons, although it pre-dates Liberty Media’s (NSDQ: LINTA) appeal of the recent Delaware Chancery Court ruling in Diller’s favor. Some of the bits that jump out above and beyond the alternating snarky (Diller has seemed less a visionary and more a spastic dealmaker.) and awestruck lines (when Diller walked into the room, it seemed for an instant that no one could look away):

— Diller shrugs off being called a Web 1.0 relic:

2 Responses to “Barry Diller: Curiosity As Business Plan”

  1. Staci Kramer dishes up yet another in-depth, not-so-deep piece of media criticism…you know the drill. A critic of the media. Guess which career she got nowhere in….Did you say media? You win the prize. She now works for an obscure (and that's generous –I only know of it from Google news alerts) organization that aches to be part of the conversation. Alas, no.

  2. pason

    There are very few large Internet with less (or worse) vision that IAC. Their banker hacks masquerading as Internet folks make me laugh.