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Apple Announces June Developer Conference; Software Likely A Bigger Game-Changer Than 3G iPhone

Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) today announced details for its upcoming five-day Worldwide Developers Conference starting June 9. The show, to be held at San Francisco’s Moscone center, will kick off with a keynote by CEO Steve Jobs. But most importantly, for the first time, the event will feature an iPhone track for mobile developers interested in sessions and hands-on labs time with the OS X iPhone 2.0 software, iPhone SDK and soon-to-be released App Store. Release.

At the show, many people expect Jobs to take the stage and unveil the highly anticipated 3G iPhone, which is rumored to be black and have new features, such as GPS. But the phone will likely only be an incremental improvement over the first one. What will provide a larger impact to the mobile industry is the software on the phone — the Apple SDK, the availability of enterprise features, such as Microsoft’s (NSDQ: MSFT) ActiveSync, and the App store, which will provide mobile developers a new business model and distribution network for their goods. At a March press conference, Apple said it would officially launch these features in June.

Coincidentally, the company’s stock hit $190 for the first time since January 4, reports Barron’s. That means the stock has recovered almost completely since declining from $198 at year-end to an intra-day low at $115.44 on February 26.