VersionOne Supports Agile Teams


ScreenshotIf you’re in software development, “agile” has a specific meaning – a set of processes designed to support rapid delivery of value to customers. Now VersionOne, a provider of an online project management tool for agile organizations, is out with a new release – V1: Agile Team. This edition of the product is aimed at groups just getting started with agile practices, and strips things down to tracking releases, stories, and tasks, together with integrated reporting. Based on a scrum-style process, it lets you keep track of everything that’s going on with a project and update in a variety of ways, including grid editing or drag and drop.

Of course, you can use any project management application to track software development. But the features built into more V1: Agile Team make it worth a look – graphs that show you how you’re doing, and data entry aimed specifically at software projects, are among the highlights here. Though they’ve put a $995 price tag on it (compared to $30 per user per month for their Enterprise edition), right now it’s available for free, in either hosted or downloadable versions.

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