Track gas mileage via Web or Twitter with FuelFrog


FuelfrogWhen we first bought our 2006 Hylander Hybrid, I was keeping an Excel spreadsheet of the gas prices, gallons we consumed and miles per gallon on the vehicle. I’ve long since stopped doing that, although I do have the first year’s worth of data. It’s sad to see how much the prices have jumped, but I don’t need to show you a spreadsheet and convince of you that.One of the reasons I stopped tracking that data was because it wasn’t an efficient process, i.e.: at the time, I couldn’t quickly and easily enter the data at the point of purchase. Enter FuelFrog, which is a web-based application that has the same functionality as my Excel method. You enter data right on the web and FuelFrog will save, graph and trend it for you. Even better: FuelFrog takes advantage of the Twitter API, so a quick text message of your data serves as the data entry point. If you go that route, just use the following format for your SMS: @fuelfrog miles price gallons-MPG. Too bad a GPS with WiFi couldn’t capture that data from my car and automagially send up to the Internets for me. How about it, Dash folks?(via ReadWriteWeb)

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