To-Do Times Two


There’s no shortage of online task managers – but that doesn’t stop more from popping up all the time. Two relatively new (and free) entrants might be worth your while if you’re looking for a new app in this category.

ScreenshotGoal Organiser tries to move you from task management to goal management. In addition to entering steps (tasks), you also tag each one as to the goal it will contribute to. Coupled with other information about tasks, the application tries to automatically suggest your next action at any given point.

ScreenshotListaculous, meanwhile, is all about simple lists of tasks. You can have as many lists as you want, with tasks that can be reordered and highlighted with color. Their twist is that you can access your lists through their site, through a Google gadget, or on any other site that embeds their control.


David Webster

Thanks for your review of our product. We’re in a very early public beta release and have plans in place to improve the UI and the overall flexibility of the application. The current theme was designed for the iPhone but future theme releases will be tailored to larger screens. Team-based lists are on a radar for future releases as well.


I like that you can embed Listaculous in any webpage, but the UI is pretty lame.

Anyone know of a todolist app with a team based approach that you can add/install to a webpage?

Mike Gunderloy

Wow, I don’t know what my fingers were connected to, but it obviously wasn’t my brain. Thanks for the catch, Lauren. Fixed now.

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