Stick-On Solar with Lumeta

The holy grail of building-integrated solar might be paint-on solar, but in the meantime there is a peel-n-stick option. The Lumeta Power-Ply 380 panel uses adhesive to stick 8’x4′ panels to your roof in a matter of minutes without any racking or mounting systems — and as a result, no holes in your roof. (Hat tip Triple Pundit)

Lumeta is the brand of panels made by solar installation company DRI Energy, a division of Irvine, Calif.-based roofing firm DRI Companies. DRI Energy says they’ve installed their solar product on more than 75 roofs; being a subsidiary of a roofing company that does work in both the commercial and residential sectors gives this installer an advantage when it comes to drumming up customers.

The company has also quickly made partnerships with other solar players: Fat Spaniel to provide their web-based metering and monitoring services, and Suntech America to manufacture custom modules for the Lumeta panels.

DRI estimates its Lumeta panels reduce installation hardware costs by 70 percent and cut installation time by 30 percent. The front of each panel is Teflon as opposed to glass, so they’re lightweight enough to be installed on weaker structures like sheds, awnings or carports.

As we saw last week, the margins of many solar installers are getting squeezed. DRI Energy’s installation innovation could help drive down the costs of installation and boost adoption.


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