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New Google Reader for iPhone

Those folks at Google have just made my day.

I love Google Reader — it is always open in one of my tabs. Today, the Google Reader team announced a new beta version of Google Reader for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is a lot like the list view on the desktop, which is my default view. When you want to read an item, tap it, and it will open right there. The beta version also allows you to load more items than the default 7 or 8, or however many there were. It also feels like it loads faster. It has a cleaner look and is more responsive.

You can get to it two ways: Go to or when you are just in Google Reader on your iPhone, it will default to the classic view. Down at the very bottom, choose the “Mobile” view, and you will be redirected to the beta. Try it out, and let the good folks at Google Reader know how you like it.

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3 Responses to “New Google Reader for iPhone”

  1. Bavster

    yes.. this is excellent news..
    i was fed up of scrolling through a small page of feeds and marking each page as read.. as opposed to the desktop browser version which allows you to mark ALL as read..

    keep it up google..