Latest Parallels version supports Vista SP1, XP SP3 on your Mac


Desk03_2Ever since I went on a “native application” kick with the introduction of Leopard on the MacBook Pro, I don’t think I’ve booted into Vista or XP on the device. Yikes! I suspect that more of you are getting better use out of your Parallels license than I am and now you can take the service pack plunge. The latest update to Parallels, version 3.0.5600, now supports both SP1 for Vista and SP3 for Windows XP. Some additional bug fixes include Shared Folder improvements (like using a removable drive for them) and addressing extremely high CPU usage, something that I saw a little too often when I was last using the virtualization software. This upgrade is free for folks that have a licensed version of Parallels Desktop for Mac. Hey look: it’s My Pictures and My Pictures above!(via TUAW)

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