Is EVDO down in Houston?


The last few days I have been having the most trouble with my Verizon EVDO connectivity and it’s driving me batty.  I try to connect to the Verizon network and am immediately greeted by this error:


I get this error twice every time and hit the Connect button each time and on the third time (always the third) I get duly logged onto the network.  It shows an EVDO Rev. A connection in the status bar but as soon as I try to go somewhere it drops to NationAccess which is only 1xRtt speed:


It chugs along at this blazing speed until the connection will go Dormant, usually meaning I have to disconnect and reconnect.  It’s happening to me all over Houston and using the v740 modem in three different devices.  It’s so bad that right now I am tethered to the AT&T network through the HTC Advantage using the Windows Mobile Internet Sharing over Bluetooth:


Is anybody else in Houston having trouble with Verizon lately or is it time to get my modem looked at?



Sprint evdo had been down in Michigan twice this month..once do to power failure and just yesterday for unknown reasons.


I would say reload the latest connection manager at but since the same issue is happening on 3 devices, I would put in a call to Verizon at 800 922 0204 and have them trouble shoot it for you. They will know if there are issues in the area, or if it is your device.


I’m having the same problem here in Colorado Springs – just started showing up on Friday.

Have not connected today to see if I’m still having it, though.


We have a couple sites and techs on Verizon EVDO and haven’t heard anything yet. Maybe your unit has gone belly up. We’re using PC5750 cards in both Dlink DIR-450 routers and laptops.

Mike Cane

Hahaha! Mike Cane’s Fiendbusters are at work!

Next they get to Kevin, to siphon hydrogen out of hybrid!


I’m dealing with various connection issues in Silicon Valley with my Sprint EVDO card. I don’t mind paying $60 a month to be truly mobile, but it really makes me angry when it’s unreliable. I have a love/hate relationship with EVDO.

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