Is EVDO down in Houston?

The last few days I have been having the most trouble with my Verizon EVDO connectivity and it’s driving me batty.  I try to connect to the Verizon network and am immediately greeted by this error:


I get this error twice every time and hit the Connect button each time and on the third time (always the third) I get duly logged onto the network.  It shows an EVDO Rev. A connection in the status bar but as soon as I try to go somewhere it drops to NationAccess which is only 1xRtt speed:


It chugs along at this blazing speed until the connection will go Dormant, usually meaning I have to disconnect and reconnect.  It’s happening to me all over Houston and using the v740 modem in three different devices.  It’s so bad that right now I am tethered to the AT&T network through the HTC Advantage using the Windows Mobile Internet Sharing over Bluetooth:


Is anybody else in Houston having trouble with Verizon lately or is it time to get my modem looked at?


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