Free Xserve Training From Apple

If you haven’t tried yet, but are interested in running a server, now is your chance to get some free training about Mac OS X Server. Apple assures that if you don’t have a dedicated IT staff, you can still run a server with their wicked easy-to-use Leopard Server.

The free seminar is aimed at expanding IT departments and small business owners. The only drawback is that it will be in Addison, TX, so only those who live near the Dallas/Fort Worth Area will be able to attend. The seminar will be at the Addison Conference & Theatre Centre (the “re” endings are so hot right now). It is this Wednesday, May 14th, 9 AM to 12 PM.

The topics included are:

  • Introduction to Mac OS X Server
  • Tools to configure and control your server
  • Collaboration using the server
  • Podcast Producer

If you are able to make it, blog about it, and link back to this post.


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