Asus Eee PC 900 available today as expected, around $560


410lbtxqznl_ss400_Here in the U.S., online retailers are offering the Asus Eee PC 900 as expected today. shows the device available at $565.99 with free shipping: this is the Linux-based model with 20 GB of flash storage. Small Laptops and Notebooks indicates the device status is “sold out” at NewEgg and OnSale, and it appears the same is true for Amazon. They show the device status as “not yet released” although they will accept a pre-order at $549.99 and free shipping. Once they have the device in stock, it will be on its way to you.Having bought and extensively used the prior Asus Eee PC, I think the larger display and the higher resolution are well worth a premium, as is the extra storage and memory. I’m still not sold on low- to mid-performance sub-notebooks with a rising price trend, but clearly it’s a personal preference on requirements and budget. Many folks will be happy with the new 900-series Eee PC, but my gut still says that Asus will sell far more of the 700-series over the long haul.


Kerry C.

I received mine and it works great. I installed Windows xp and formated the drives. I installed Office 2003 and divx and xvid codecs. I am supprised at how smooth the movies played over the wireless. It seems to connect really well and doesn’t slow down. I was a little disappointed at how the drivers installed so slow but the system moves fairly fast after that. I used a 16 gb sd card for a third drive and installing everything on the second. All in all a much better unit than the 701 or and pda. It also came with the 5800 amp battery as well.

Kerry C.

I got an email from the website and they confirmed the processor was a misprint and it is a 900. Does anyone know if the harddrive on this can be merged into one partition? I haven’t seen anything on this being 2 different drives and I want to use all 20 gigs as one drive and a 16 gig sdhs as extra space.

Gavin Miller


You might be OK with 1.5Gb, better at 2Gb (I ran an Eee no problem at all with XP on 2Gb, no swap). Some older Progs may expect to see a swap file and cause problems.

How big is your hard drive John? Could you resize the partition or bung in a bigger HD? I seem to remember cloning my M200 disk onto a new bigger one quite easily a few years ago.

Kevin C. Tofel

Kerry, I strongly believe that the 1.7 GHz being advertised is inaccurate. I have yet to see Asus or a single reviewer of the device show anything but a 900 MHz Celeron. Let us know when you receiver your device!

Kerry C.

I just ordered one of these 1.7 processor eee pc 900’s and it should be here Saturday. I have seen a second site give the same specs on this unit with the 1.7 ghz celeron M. It doesn’t really matter but it would be nice. Upgrading the battery is not a big deal. Waiting for a 32gb sdhc card for a second drive could be a bother.

John in Norway

how much RAM would you suggest having before doing away with the hibernation file? My Toshiba m200 has 1.5GB RAM and as my C: partition is almost full after SP3 I’d like to do away with it.

Kevin C. Tofel

The Intel Celeron M 430 does run at 1.73 GHz, but I’m thinking this is a typo. All of the other retailers are quoting the 900 MHz Celeron at the same price and there was never any news or press release indicating a faster CPU. I just noticed that Amazon shows the unit as “In Stock”; they didn’t when I wrote the above post.


All along I had believed that the Eee PC 900 was going to contain a 900 Mhz Celeron chip. However, according to ZipZoomfly, the 900 running Windows XP actually contains a 1.7 GHz Celeron M 430 processor (currently on sale). Below you will find the direct link:

Can someone confirm this or is this a mistake?

If there’s no mistake, then suddenly the Eee PC 900 becomes a more powerful machine.


E 900 – $550

ext battery – $80

SDHC card – $40

this is just to make it even usable…


how are they even fitting XP SP3 on the 12GB Windows version (4GB/8GB), is Asus using some creative installation routines?

i too am aware of nLite, but you have to consider the mass market mainstream users these primarily appeal to dont understand. besides, nLite comes with a whole host of problems of it’s own (i.e. trying to patch/service pack Windows since core components are missing).

it’s nice to see the CPU running at full clock, but how bad is the battery life now?

Kevin C. Tofel

Combo, the CPU runs at the full 900 MHz speed on this model; it’s not limited to the 630 MHz clock cycle like the 700-series is out of the box. I agree that the memory should show as one physical drive for ease of use, but XP can be shoehorned in to well under 1 GB using nLite. My standard SP2 install only takes 1.5 GB on the Eee PC. You should be able to put the hibernation file on either drive on the 900-model. Personally, I’d rather save the storage space and bypass a hibernation file to begin with, but that’s just personal preference.


quite a disappointment to me, still using that same old CPU & LowCap battery. i will definitely be waiting for 900 v2.

how are the memory modules set up? i was hoping for a single 20GB. but from what ive heard, it’s either 8GB & 12GB or 4GB & 16GB. not a great move, it’s primary memory for the OS thats needed so badly.

Windows SP3 is around 5GB with NO programs, hibernation file, pagefile. by the time you start installing programs, using hibernate/pagefile (depending on RAM size) it can all add up pretty quickly. i suppose programs could be installed to D: as well as the pagefile, but can the hibernation file?

is there any difference in the 2 types of memory, for example speed wise?

Mike Cane

They should drop the 2G Surf model, then price the 700 at $200 and the e900 at $400.

If they could do that without losing money, they’d re-create the original EeePC earthquake.


I love my 702. The extra cost of the Eee 900 is warranted, but I think they need to go the OTHER way. It will eventually. The cost of the larger flash module is the likely culprit here. Consider I have seen 8 inch digital frames go for pretty low prices (at most 100).

I’ll get a bigger SSD as soon as I find one that’s not too pricey that will fit in the slot the 8 GB unit is in now.

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