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Bigfoot Networks Raises $8.75 Million Second Round To Kill Gaming Lag

Bigfoot Networks, a company that offers a special gaming card that combats lag in multiplayer online games, has raised an $8.75 million second round from North Bridge Venture Partners, Palomar Ventures and previous backer Venio Capital, reported Austin Business Journal. The Austin, TX-based company previously raised $4 million, bringing its total raise to $12.75 million. If you’re playing an online game, lag (the gap between what the player sees on his computer, and what’s actually going on in real time) can really ruin the game, though it’s generally assumed that lag is a function of network latency and not hardware. In light of that, the company has actually put out its own original white papers arguing that lag is not in fact caused by the network. Not convinced? You can find their whitepapers here.

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