10-Q Watch: Google: DoubleClick Growing 17 Percent; What About YouTube?

So what kind of results is Google (NSDQ: GOOG) getting from its recently completed $3.2 billion acquisition of DoubleClick? In its just-filed 10-Q, the company provides pro-forma group financial data — as if the DoubleClick acquisition had happened at the beginning of Q1. Long story short, for Q107, DoubleClick would have added $75.5 million in revenue. For this quarter, it’s a tad trickier, since the deal closed on March 11, but with some extrapolation, it looks to have done somewhere in the $88-$89 million range, representing growth of about 17 percent. Given this start to the year, DoubleClick should breeze past estimates of $300 million in ’08 revs.

YouTube et. al.: Of course, DoubleClick pretty much stands alone among Google acquisitions in pulling its weight. Using the same language as it has in the past: “…the anticipated benefit of many of our acquisitions may not materialize. For example, we have yet to realize significant revenue benefits from our acquisitions of dMarc Broadcasting (Audio Ads), YouTube or Postini.” Elsewhere it notes the challenge of achieving significant profitability with other services, like Gmail and Orkut.