Off Topic: Now This Is Good Stuff




ZOMG, that was so funny — it makes me laugh and i’ve rewatched it so many times. thanks for sharing…


Seen it over the weekend, before I saw the link here. I must have seen at least 50 times since then, but never get tired of watching this one.

Great act by Signature group !!!


Cool stuff by our desi boys out there… we had a great laugh. Fullto entertainment :)

Om Malik

@ All,

I agree with you. It is good to have a laugh once in a while. I think we all forget that. I think I might be mellowing out in my middle age. :-)

Chris Brogan...

Stopped all forward progress on my book outline, but in the best sense of it, Om. Stopped what I was doing, went in and showed my wife, and we both had a laugh and appreciated the energy. Glad to see what slowing down once in a while brings to your blog. Let’s see mainstream media do THAT. : )


Om, when are you gonna show us your Bhangra moves :)


Saw it first on SepiaMutiny, and indeed, it was a good laff. If you search, thats their usual item at many many other shows.


Okay, Om! Work-life balance has gone too far:-) Too funny.

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