Weekend Vid Picks: Mother’s Day


Moms, love ’em or leave ’em, are overall a class of human beings worth celebrating at least once a year (maybe twice, if your family is generous about birthdays). But how to do it? It depends on what kind of resources you have at your disposal. Kids make things out of macaroni and construction paper. This is because kids don’t have much money. Guess who else doesn’t have a lot of money? Members of the online video community! So it’s little surprise to see a number of videos celebrating mom-dom circulating at this time of year.

Mittymoo’s short video odes to motherhood have been cracking me up since Christmas 2006, when Christmas Tree redefined the act of tree-trimming forever. And for Mother’s Day 2008, he’s topped himself:

Two years ago, Barats and Bereta documented the process of taking a group photo for their mother. They have not, apparently, repeated this experience.

If you, sadly, are not an online filmmaker, My Damn Channel has you covered — they’ve provided a selection of horrible Mother’s Day video cards to pass onto the woman who brought you into this world. You should probably make sure she has a sense of humor, first, though. Or make sure that she wouldn’t prefer flowers.

On a personal note: Mom, your present is exporting from Final Cut Pro as we speak. Love you!


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