Reminder- turn off power management on core system components


I use so many mobile PCs that I am always paying close attention to how fast devices resume from Sleep or Hibernation.  A common scenario for me finds me in a remote location, pulling a device out of my bag and hitting the power button to resume from Sleep mode.  I use a Bluetooth mouse and 3G modem (ExpressCard) a lot in such locations and one of the factors that impacts how quickly I can get to work is how long it takes a given system to recognize the mouse and modem upon resumption from Sleep.  Yesterday it hit me that the Lenovo IdeaPad U110 I have been using for a couple of weeks was taking too long to recognize the Bluetooth mouse meaning I was having to wait for that before I could get to work. 

Turn_off_power_managementI remembered a post I wrote a while back about making sure that touch digitizers don’t get shut off by the Windows power management by turning that feature off in the Device Manager and I made a visit there on the U110.  Sure enough, the Bluetooth radio had power management enabled by default meaning that Windows was turning it off when it went into a low power mode on battery and this was affecting how quickly it found the mouse to get me working again.  It had to turn on the Bluetooth radio, find the mouse and then connect to it every time I resumed from Sleep mode.  A simple ticking off of the power management option for the radio remedied that situation and now my mouse is there right away when I resume and try to get to work.  I visited the same setting for the EVDO modem and sure enough power management was enabled for that too.  I also turned it off there and now when I resume from Sleep mode I am working in just a second or two.  It makes a big difference when you sleep and resume a lot during the day so don’t forget to check the Device Manager for all the internal components on your mobile PC that seem to take a while to get back going again when you wake your device up.



Thanks James, I somehow missed your original post, and went ahead and fixed the screen on my U810. much better!

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