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Yahoo Acquires Inquisitor

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Today, Davaid Wantanabe announced that Yahoo has acquired the rights to his popular Inquisitor for Safari.

Congrats to David, and a big “what the heck?” to Yahoo. I honestly can’t imagine what Yahoo would want with a plugin for Safari.

It has long been a Safari-only plugin so with the acquisition of it on Yahoo’s end, I’m curious how it will expand. David has said he will not be joining Yahoo as an employee, but he will continue to be the lead developer of the Safari version.

Along with the acquisition announcement, version 3.1 of the plugin was released that “improves performance, simplifies the process for switching search providers, and removes affiliate links from the program”. In lieu of the acquisition, it’s obviously not a surprise that Yahoo is now the default search provider (though you can easily change that in the preferences).

Anyone care to venture as to what Yahoo might do with Inquisitor or how it will benefit them?

[Via Daring Fireball]

11 Responses to “Yahoo Acquires Inquisitor”

  1. therepguy didnt read the instructions!

    ohh my god! You lost your exposure to Google! What are you going to do???!

    Easy, go to safari preferences, inquisitor, edit sites, and change the return key to Google

    Tip: I have return key default to yahoo, and ctl+return to google. That way I can use both of them

  2. I’m not sure how the strategy isn’t as obvious as sunlight. therepguy nails it in his “complaint” about “you lose all direct exposure to Google in exchange for Yahoo”. Ding, ding, ding! Yahoo’s strategy.

  3. therepguy

    Well folks, I tried it and it had it’s good points and it’s bad ones!

    First off it’s all about Yahoo… once mounted you lose all direct exposure to Google in exchange for Yahoo.

    Secondly, it auto mounts and there is no direction as how to dismount the program… it took me about two hour to manually find and trash the program… ended up going through most of the Library, file by file till I found the folder.

    Good news, once found, it only took a short trip to the trash followed by a flush and a restart in order to get my Google back.

    Bottom line… this a Yahoo’s attempt to gain market share albeit a shallow one…

    Think of it as a commercial Trojan Horse… I vote NO!

  4. I’m thinking they may be interested in porting Inquisitor to Firefox. By making it a Firefox extension, Windows users could use it as well, and if Yahoo is the default engine, a chance for more searches through Yahoo.

  5. Inquisitor is beautiful. Probably one of the nicest browser plugins ever.

    I think it’s safe to assume Yahoo won’t do much of anything with it for a while. Especially if some of their other more left-field acquisitions are any indication. My guess is it was a relatively inexpensive buy with a good payout for Yahoo in building trust with Mac users.

    We are notoriously fanatical about companies that support us, as well as being historically early-adopters. Apple users are a great market to have on your side. We might see more “personality” acquisitions in the future.

  6. Steve

    It is a pretty impressive plugin, not sure what they plan on doing with it, using it to get more people to search with yahoo by making yahoo the default search? I am sure (read i hope) they will also adapt it to other browsers since I recently switched to Camino and miss it.