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Refunds for Those Firebomb Power Adapters

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Remember those old Powerbook adapters? Do you also remember how they used to catch on fire? I didn’t experience it, personally. I did have a friend that swore his PowerBook adapter was out to get him — almost burning his house, car and office to the ground (on separate occasions).

A lot of people definitely did though, because in 2001 Apple recalled about 570,000 of those suckers. I remember when Apple first gave the announcement about the faulty adapters and I picked a replacement up for free just in case (and because, well, it was free).

If you’re one of those lucky few to experience some extra heat on your lap, you may be entitled to a refund. If your adapter “dangerously frays, sparks and prematurely fails to work” Apple has agreed to throw you $25 to $79 for your troubles.

This class-action suit was actually way back in 2006 and alleged that Apple misrepresented problems with the power adapters. I can’t help but think most people have moved on from their old PowerBook immolation issues by now.

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