Head to the Digital Lifestyle for your shot at an HP Dragon


HppavilionhdxentertainmentnotebookOne of my favorite sites gets to kick of their day week in the sun today: the Digital Lifestyle begins their contest to give away the massive, yet mobile, HP Pavilion HDX prize package. I’ve read the Digital Lifestyle for several years and not just because Ian Dixon is an all-around great guy. The site is filled with information on the digital home, media center and extender technologies and even fits it some UMPC tidbits too. Check on Ian’s site for the details; I don’t see them yet, so I’d be checking throughout the day.Speaking of 7-day contests, the first one should be ending today. Good luck if you entered and don’t forget that we have one to give away too. There’s still time to enter and win a notebook package worth over $5,000!



Hi! I’m new here as well, but researching all the answers for your HP Dragon giveaway truly made me feel as if I’ve been reading your blogs for ages! As difficult as you made this competition, I have to say that I enjoyed it the most so far!

Keep up the good work. You guys are awesome.

Kind Regards,


Just saying Hi!

Well, after two days counting and searching, I was able to answer all questions. I know its most likely not all of them are correct. But for a tricked system like Dragon, its at least worth trying. Good luck to all.

Just checked on Absolute Vista, the winner is Derek Hunter.

Kevin C. Tofel

Thanks Barbara and welcome to the site. We try to make our readers feel “family cozy” as much as we can. :)

Barbara Baker

I am new here…Hi, I’m Barbara (well, new since the start of this contest) but I’ll have to say; I’m very Intrigued by your site…love it!!!

Now, if only I new if I got all of the answers right for your particular contest…argh!!! You guys really made it tough for the newbies.

I have been coming back often (although I’ve already personally entered my entry) because the site seems to feel “family cozy” if you know what I mean.
Anyways, great site…I know I will learn a lot from this site and the both of you.

Barb (from corpus christi, TX)


I can’t believe the first one is already ending! Very exciting! :)

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