Goes Live: Job Matching, Career Advice, Industry Insights

Frankly, the part that interested me most about, HT Media’s new job portal, was the integration of content. There are two segments, Industries & Companies and Career Advice, which have industry inputs:
— Career Advice features articles from Pervin Malhotra, Amita Virmani and Mahesh Murthy , as well as a poll, and…. Dilbert!
— Industry Insights gives users access to data of over 600 companies, and features profiles of “Industry Stalwarts”. Shine is clearly making use of its media connection – the business news section is powered by sister concern

Jobs, searchable and segmented by Industry, are also listed in three levels (different levels of payment?) – Priority Results, Job Results and Features Opportunities. The advanced search is fairly comprehensive (screencap, link). Importantly, the moment you log in, the site displays jobs which match your specifications, based on your profile – Job Matching. On the whole, the interface and design is clean, but I did find a few issues: after I logged in, the sign-in form remained, thus giving me the impression that I hadn’t been logged in. I tried the site both with Firefox and IE, and the profile page was completely out of whack with Firefox (screencap). I’m not sure of how much time an average user spends on a job site, but my session did time out. I tried to edit my profile details, and some modifications were accepted, while others were not. The site is in beta.


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