Mobile Content Bits: Navteq Verizon Navigator; Chaka-Uta Full R Hits 200 Million

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*NAVTEQ* powers revamped VZ Navigator: Digital map provider NAVTEQ (NYSE: NVT) has signed a deal with Verizon Wireless (NYSE: VZ), to use its NAVTEQ Traffic Mobile to power the network operator

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It costs more to use this VZ Navigator. I have been using this since 5-6 months. The latest release of Navigator also displays the current traffic along the route. But now it takes up lots of Bytes and also for every time you use, as well as for some reason they even charge for using SMS. I have been charged for more than 30 SMS in my last month bill for no reason. So monthly charge for using this service is not $9.99 but $9.99 (Monthly charges) + $3.98 (Data Access charges) + ~$6 (SMS charges) = approx $20 plus Airtime charges

Verizon falsely advertise that using Verizon Navigator costs $9.99 per month…

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