Ad Services Supplier DG Fastchannel Buys Digital Marketer Enliven For $98 Million


Ad services provider DG FastChannel has purchased Enliven Marketing Technologies for about $98 million in a stock-for-stock transaction. Under the terms of the deal, DG Fastchannel’s payout covered Enliven’s $4.5 million debt. The merger combines Dallas-based DG FastChannel’s traditional ad and digital distribution services with New York-based Enliven’s online marketing technology, which covers mobile and in-game advertising as well. Enliven is also the parent of Austin, TX.-based interactive shop Springbox, which is included in the merger. Enliven, formerly known as Viewpoint, bought Springbox back in November.

DG Fastchannel is fairly new to the digital side of the ad business, getting access to its first online services last May when it paid $4.3 million for 12 percent stake in Enliven (then Viewpoint). By buying the company outright, DG Fastchannel now has a fuller set of digital offerings. The deal is set to close in Q3. Release

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