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Want a Plug-In Hybrid? Tell Google!

If you’ve got a YouTube account, a camera, and a deep-seated yearning to get behind the wheel of a plug-in hybrid, Google wants to hear about it.’s RechargeIT program is hosting a contest soliciting videos from wannabe plug-in drivers, as well as testimonials from proud plug-in owners, on YouTube. The winning videos will be featured on RechargeIT’s web site and win yet-to-be announced prizes.

RechargeIT, Google’s plug-in hybrid demonstration program, is working with the California Cars Initiative, a nonprofit based in Palo Alto promoting 100+MPG plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. The submitted videos will be incorporated into RechargeIT’s Plug-in Hybrid Locator map, which already features 104 plug-ins all over the States, many of them DIY projects.

It doesn’t look like the contest has officially launched, but the submission page is up and CalCars encourages you to submit right away, as your video might get featured in promoting the contest. has been working with battery startup A123 and conversion module maker Hymotion to convert the search giant’s own hybrids to have plug-in capabilities. RechargeIT has four plug-in vehicles that it has been road testing and collecting data from via embedded Linux computers, and it has recently started sharing that data. It’s still a little early to draw any big conclusions, but Google has enjoyed showing off its next-gen cars. Now, it wants to see yours.

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