Two Ways to Find Domains Quickly


Some of us have a real addiction to buying domain names. I own about 30 myself, and I have friends with many more. If you’re in that boat, it’s worth knowing about a couple of tools that help you find open domain names quickly.

Instant Domain Search bills itself as “domain name availability, as fast as you can type”. As you type a prospective name, it shows you whether the .com, .net, and .org are open. If they are, you can jump straight to GoDaddy, 1&1, Yahoo,, or Network Solutions to register them.

Domize takes the same general idea and adds a few twists. It keeps track of potential domains along the way (so if you type “MyDomain”, it looks for “MyDomai”, “MyDoma”, and so on), and can show you thumbnails of any name that’s already taken. They do all their direct registrations via GoDaddy, though obviously you can use the registrar of your choice with a tad less convenience.


Judi Sohn

Thanks for asking, Charles. You may excerpt the post with attribution. Please do not repost in its entirety. Thanks.


I went looking at, and entered “watch” as a word. Every time I add that as a word, it doesn’t work (as in the page refreshes).

David Norton

I agree with Douglas about It lets you type individual words (and group them) and it will combine them to determine which domains are available. (Disclaimer: I went to college with BustAName’s creator)

Douglas Holt

I highly recommend
I have found more usefule domain names with this ajaxy service than any other ajax domain name search engine. Searches can also be saved and retrieved which is great.

Mike Gunderloy

Thanks Einer – that’s a good find. A bit slower to load for me than the other two, but I like their inclusion of “domain hacks” – ie, search for “pleonasm” and it also checks domains like “” – very Web 2.0 ;)

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