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“Another Sunny Year for Solar Power”: A new report from the Worldwatch Institute estimates that global production of PV cells grew by 51 percent last year to 3,733 megawatts – Worldwatch Institute.

Beijing Olympics “Basically” Carbon Neutral: China’s Technology Minister Wan Gang said the country will be offsetting the estimated 1.18 million tons of carbon the Olympics are expected to generate by planting trees and controlling vehicle use. – International Herald Tribune.

Check Local Gas Prices on Your Mobile: Websites tracking gas station prices are nothing new, but now they’re jumping to mobile devices and offering extra information like fuel consumption calculators and alternative fuel finders – Wall Street Journal.

Sugar-Based Fuel Second Largest Energy Source in Brazil: Preliminary data from Brazil’s annual National Energy Balance report estimate that sugarcane ethanol and bagasse accounted for 16 percent of Brazil’s total energy output in 2007, second to oil derivatives at 36.7 percent – Green Car Congress.

Prius Owners Love Their Prius: J.D. Power and Associates have awarded the Prius with the award for highest customer satisfaction in the UK for the second year in a row. Now we just need to find a test to see how smug they are too – Autoblog Green.

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