Spinscape Rocks Mapping


Spinscape mapEvery once in a while, I come across a site that just rocks my world. This week, I found two – Addictomatic.com, a search aggregator with a nifty interface (Mike G. reviewed it) and Spinscape, a site I learned about through a comment on my previous posts about mind mapping. After a flurry of emails to get past the closed beta gates, I was in and mapping away in no time.

If I had to describe Spinscape in one word it would be: Elegant.

From the dramatic dark gray and black backgrounds that makes the colored bubbles or “nodes” pop to the subtle tool buttons placed strategically about, Spinscape looks great. But elegant goes beyond looks. Spinscape functions well, too, with some features that were unexpected and surprisingly useful.

The Good Stuff

1. Building a map is easy. Just add nodes from an option in the menu or use the Insert button (must be a PC thing – heard it in one of the screencast tutorials).

Node Editing2. Editing nodes is robust. You don’t just have the ability to edit the text, color or shape of the node but you also can add annotations with links. For example, a node can represent the hotel you will be staying at on a business trip and when you open the node, you can click on the link and launch a new window leading to the hotel’s web site.

3. Manipulating maps is cake. Moving your map around is as easy as dragging it up and down the screen. You can also select Balance Map from the Layout option on the main menu and your map pops into shape.

4. You can collaborate. Once the closed beta is over, you can invite others to collaborate on a map with you.

5. You can share maps. You can choose to make a map public or share with specific colleagues of friends.

The Really Good Stuff

Spinscape Google Auto-discoverThe feature that really impressed me was their auto-discovery buttons to Amazon S3; Del.icio.us; Google; Google Documents and Spreadsheets; and Wikipedia. By clicking on the Google auto-discovery button, you can enter a keyword – such as “virtual world blogs” – and then choose which results from Google you’d like to add as nodes on your map.

In the tutorial, clicking on the Wikipedia button and searching for guitars gave you the option to choose “All” entries. The map instantly expands with nodes representing each type of guitar, from classical to electric. You can then see a visual representation of the content about guitars contained within Wikipedia. While that particular search won’t help me in my work, it does give real meaning to the site’s tagline “mapping your digital landscape.”

The Not So Good

Given that the site is still in a close beta, I don’t really have a lot of complaints. One hiccup I encountered was not being able to figure out how to zoom in and out of my map. There is a slidebar that says “Zoom Sensitivity” but there’s something I’m missing in terms of how to actually zoom. The tutorial says “use your mouse trackball to zoom” but what if you don’t have a mouse? The trackpad doesn’t work. Strangely, I did accidentally zoom in at one point and zoom out at another but could not reproduce how I did it again.

Also, when I tested out the auto-discovery buttons, I got an error message with the Wikipedia one, however, I saw how it works in the tutorial so am waiting with baited breath for the fix.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed tooling around Spinscape, not just because it made mapping fun but because it really inspires me to use maps to stay organized, visualize work flow, collaborate with colleagues, illustrate ideas for clients, and so much more. Maybe they’ll let me give out a few invites. If you are interested, let me know!


Duane Harlick

Thanks again, Aliza. And for those who haven’t seen Spinscape in a while, stop by! We’ve been making HUGE strides with our user-driven enhancements!!


John Kellden

Really cool app! I couldn’t figure out the Google Doc thingy, but that’s probably just me being undercaffeinated or something.

The twitter-trivia invite code guessing game is great!


Chuck Frey

I had a chance to evaluate Spinscape last month. I, too, loved the ability to do live searches within the map and add specific search results to my map. Very cool! Perhaps the most significant thing about this capability, however, is the fact that the program’s developer set this capability up in a modular fashion. In fact, these search tools are called “plug-ins.” This means they could potentially create plug-ins that could do any number of cool things, further customizing how you add content to your Spinscape maps. Click here to view my review of Spinscape.

aliza sherman

And an addendum to my review: The video tutorials are a must watch if for nothing else but Darlene Kasak’s dry sense of humor.

aliza sherman

Don’t forget to follow @spinblackbelt for hints to win your invite code.

I’m trying to get expedited codes for my influencer friends & readers. I think they are giving priority to bloggers & tech reporters so please get in touch with me directly so I can try to help nudge your request through.

Or feel free to contact them directly. They were VERY responsive to all of my requests – just make sure you specify that you are a reporter or blogger or they will direct you to the contest.

Scott Adams

Let me just say Mark that I found the code and I really like your use of not only tracking this story and commenting, but your blog and then Twitter to get people engaged. I am now ready to start Spinning.

Darlene Kasak

Aliza–you rock! We’re so glad you liked Spinscape. And it’s only going to get better with your feedback. We appreciate the comments–even the not so good. That’s how we know what and where to improve. You can collaborate now. Get your invite code and have your friends get invite codes. Then share your maps…in Public or Private. We encourage everyone to get in on the game (follow Mark’s link for instructions)–and get in on the Spin. Be sure to post on the forum. This evolving beta welcomes your input! Thanks again!

Mark Salamango

Thanks for the great review! One of the things we are working on is beefing up the documentation! There are shortcut keys to do most features including zoom.

Right now to zoom you press ctrl + and to zoom out you press ctrl -. The shortcuts will be added to the site today.

Also, to get invites, there is an invite game right now. If you look at http://www.spinscape.com/blog you can get the rules for the game.

Thanks for the interest!!!

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