Pauly Shore Goes After Polygamists

Pauly Shore rose to fame in the 90s through a combination of stoner antics on MTV and various catchphrases (he was the weeee-zuhl). But it’s been a long time since Encino Man, and Shore is now taking to the web for a documentary-type series called Pauly Shore’s America on Ripe TV.

“It’s not a joke. Not some spoof, know what I mean?” Shore insisted in an interview with NewTeeVee on Thursday. “I’m interested in the news. The news to me is funny. I mean the things that happen in the news aren’t funny, but to me comedy comes out of tragedy.”

One of the more recent tragedies in the new was that of the infamous Texas polygamist sect. His quest to interview members inside the group are chronicled over five episodes being released over the coming weeks.

Shore’s fame did impact his journey. Shot during the height of the media frenzy, Shore’s presence wasn’t always welcome. “Reporters recognize me and that kind of pisses them off,” said Shore. “They look at me as making fun of the situation. It’s not like I’m making a joke out of it. I’m really interested in it. These polygamist people are brainwashed.”

Shore only signed on to do this first run of episodes for Ripe; if they work out, he’ll go out on another assignment, though he didn’t have a particular topic in mind yet (he was pretty focused on those polygamists).

When asked if he was using this as a springboard to get back to television, Shore replied, “I don’t know. I’m just trying to do things that I’m interested in. But you know, I gotta stay stimulated. I don’t wanna be f–king bored with my job. I don’t care what level it gets to.”

As a side note, I don’t know what level being on Ripe TV will get Shore, but the level of irritation with Ripe’s media player is off the charts. There’s a pre-roll, bugs, two overlays and a post roll. As you can see from the screen grab, the overlays are HUGE.