Move: Online Profits Approaching TV Levels


We sometimes worry if we write about Move Networks too much. But it’s an interesting startup with real technology making an increasingly significant impact on how people are entertained. And hey, when the CEO stops by your office and spews out a bunch of numbers with dollar signs attached to them, you gotta write it up.

According to Move CEO John Edwards,

– Move customers are seeing CPMs of $35 up; $70 CPMs for better networks and even up to $100
– A year ago it cost at least 18 cents to transmit a gig; Move got it down to $0.10 six months ago — so it’s starting to approach the point where you can make the same money showing something on TV as showing it online

– At 5 cents per gig occurs “a tipping point where it’s really economic for content owners”
– Move expects to have 65 million clients installed by the end of this year
– The company doesn’t see the point of offering its product in a browser-only version (i.e. no downloaded client necessary) when it is projecting it can get deeper penetration than Flash
– Right now it’s adding over 150,000 new clients a day, but expecting 1 million a day when integrated with Microsoft
– Move has signed additional major U.S. TV networks but they won’t be announced till the fall season (not if we have anything to say about it!)
– Its existing customers (e.g. FOX, ABC) are redesigning their implementations to incorporate more creative advertising options



Well – I guess all the media outlets weren’t lying when they said the internet wasn’t the future.

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