iScrapbook Just in Time for Mother’s Day

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I know, you (or, if you are a mom, someone) have procrastinated another Mother’s Day and you only have time to run to the store, or buy some software online. Well, here it is: the people at Chronos know your pain, and they just updated their iScrapbook software, ready for you to purchase (or at least download and try for 30 days to make sure she likes it) for only $50.

I gave this software a try, and while I am not a scrapbooker, most women I know are. The interface is very clean and intuitive. Contextual tools and tips pop up when you need them.

Obviously, you can edit all the different parts of your scrapbook pages and album, including photos, as you can see in the picture above. You can export the album to PDF or an iScrapbook file. You can export the pages to PDF, iScrapbook, JPG, TIFF, and PNG. It is too bad that it doesn’t integrate into iWeb or iPhoto. That would make it much more appealing.

To print the scrapbook pages, you can print them from your printer, or send them off. Chronos offers printing options from Costco, Pure Designs (in Idaho), and Scrapbooks to Share (located in Florida). They don’t have a deal with any of these online printers, though, so you would have to pay whatever additional fees would be required.

If making scrapbooks isn’t all you want to do, you can also submit your designs to Chronos and have other people download them and use them as templates for their scrapbooks. Very Web 2.0 of them.

All in all, I think this is a good program for a scrapbooker that wants to do things digitally. Besides, you’ve only got a couple days until Mother’s Day, so you better hurry up. You can see the scrapbook page that I made below.

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My ex-wife went to Malta recently on a mission trip. She wanted to try the photo book option in iPhoto. She remarked that it was almost like scrapbooking.

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