HP Mini-Note drivers for XP Professional now available


Those of you who have been waiting for HP to provide official drivers supporting Windows XP before installing it can go download them now.  HP has put them up which would indicate that XP should be an ordering option pretty soon.  In addition to the XP hardware drivers you will find various HP utilities for download on XP too.  This looks to be expecting Windows XP SP2 so plan on having the SP3 update to do after you install this.




I just picked up the 2133 with the 6-cell battery. Sure, it’s clunky, but it hibernates quickly so then off comes the battery! Besides, a 6-cell is a must-purchase down the road for long meetings, flights, etc. It’s funny to me that the HP workaround for the lack of XP sound drivers relies on the same strategy that JK and Liliputing both noted–MS KB 888111– but HP doesn’t tell you the second half of the solution!! And, wasn’t XP SP3 supposed to have HD audio support??


Man, I really want to get this Mini-Note, but the higher end pre-configured module only comes with the 6-cell battery… and for me it makes the whole unit look clunky. I asked to purchase with the 3 cell or at least get the 3-cell somewhere else, but they don’t even sell it yet. Any ideas?

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Ricky B.

Ha! You can keep your XP drivers, HP. The Mini-Note community worked out how to get everything working before they were posted anyway.

But thank you, Via, for posting accelerated video card drivers for Linux. :)


now that the official drivers are available. it sounds like the way to go would just be to buy the Vista version then “upgrade” it to XP with 1 of your old XP discs laying around. that way you would have an extra Vista license.

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