Get on MyCommittee to Speed Up Meetings


The more velocity there is in your working life, the more meetings you attend, or rather suffer through.

MyCommittee can’t promise to turn off the spigot on your whinging co board members, but it does hold out the promise that you can plan, structure and organize face-to-face meetings that actually produce results.

MyCommittee lets you, as the organizer, start an agenda that will be distributed to attendees as a .pdf, but that’s only the start. With this online app (pricing for the advertising-free plans start at $19/month for one committee) you centralize scheduling the meeting, developing and collaborating on the agenda, coordination of member discussion of agenda items, creating searchable meeting minutes and tracking action items.

Since I don’t sit on the boards of any organizations, or am I saddled with the never-ending job of getting ready for the next board meeting, my test of MyCommittee was limited to the tongue-in-cheek “meeting” to discuss with my spouse a growing tardiness issue with one of our at-will employees, Squeaky. Seems she’s been arriving at the job site at increasingly unpredictable hours, impeding the other mission-critical workflows like me getting to bed at a decent hour.

MyCommittee made it easy – almost fun – to create the initial agenda, bring my spouse into the loop (Squeaky doesn’t have an email address yet), attach supporting evidence (a .jpg of her coming in at 10:31 pm last night) and suggesting a venue, date and time for our meeting.

Since I suspect it will take more than one meeting to resolve this issue, I can use MyCommittee to set up follow-up meetings (both regularly scheduled and ad-hoc). And since it’s a rare meeting indeed that actually gets through all of an agenda, you can easily roll unresolved items downhill to the next meeting without losing the discussion or attachments around the item.

MyCommittee’s clean interface makes the process of scheduling these meetings more bearable. If regular meetings like this are a burden – boards, or departments, or just to keep track of what’s going on in a long term web worker project – MyCommittee just might ease your workload.

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