Cool Tools: Make a YouTube Timeline


Check out TimeTube, a mashup from San Francisco startup Dipity, which makes an interactive timeline out of any YouTube keyword. Videos are embedded directly into the timeline on the dates they were added. I’m a little unclear on what garners more emphasis within the timeline– it doesn’t appear to be number of views. Anyways, then you can grab whatever you make and embed it directly in your blog.

Would have been great to have this for our Rickroll timeline last month!


Bob Boynton

This looks like a specialized version of xtimeline, which lets you import all sorts of files and provide additional information about the file on the timeine. So there are several ways xtimeline is different. But the interface for moving through the timeline looks like the interface for xtimeline.

Derek Dukes

Marshall, sorry you were having problems, we’ve added more servers and it should be golden now.

Marshall Kirkpatrick

Love it when it works, but it only worked once for me and is now broken :(

William Garrett

This is awesome!! Spears falls apart on there… poor britney!

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