Colorado Springs Apple Store on its Way


If you go job hunting on, and you live in Colorado, you’ll be greeted by a bit of a surprise – There’s a new store on the horizon!

Colorado Springs, CO is on the board for an Apple Retail Store. This should be a welcome addition to the retail outlets, as I recall while waiting in line for the Park Meadows store opening, that several people drove the 50 miles from Colorado Springs to be there. So congrats guys, there are shiny things headed your way.


Carlito Castillo

I was in Denver recently and I had a problem w/ my MAC. I brought it to PCTech Denver. They were able to fix my problem fast. Very excellent service. Pctech also upgraded my RAM. Visit their website at You won’t regret it.


I had issues with my iPhone so I brought it in to have it looked at. I got back a refurbished iPhone which was worse than the broken one I turned in. Thank god AT&T traded out my old one for a new one. Thanks for nothing Astore!


I just went to Simply Mac and was very pleased. I bought my IMac at Voelker about 3 weeks before Simply Mac opened and will never use Voelker again. I have to agree that their customer service is horrendous and there turn around time worse. My Mac had problems from the beginning and when they said there was a problem and did a rebuild, they didn’t choose the complete rebuild option. The problem wasn’t fixed but they kept saying it was. Since I have worked in IT(PC’s only), I was angry when they kept implying it had to be me.

Since I am on the customer care plan, I haven’t had to spend much at Simply Mac other than for more RAM, so I haven’t compared their prices but I am pleased with their customer service.

mac guy

in response to comment #9 just because you claim to “have a higher income” does not mean people in the powers zip codes can’t afford a mac


I just had my MacBook repaired under warranty at the MacSuperstore on Powers. They were great and got me my computer back to me in 2 days.


My wife and I were driving around up at the north end of town (we live by World Arena) and I noticed both Voelker (on Academy near Union) and Simply Mac (on Academy N. of Woodman). The MacSuperstore looks pretty cool too, but it is not a factory owned store. From their website I see they have only two locations–the other is in San Luis Obispo (holy cow! I went to Cal Poly SLO).

Later I spotted a third store that was still under construction and something about it *strongly* made me think it was going to be a factory-owned store. Yes, it had the apple logo, but there was something else. Which is why I started poking around Apple’s website and Googling for answers.

We did a lot of driving around so I could be a bit confused, but it certainly could have been in the Promenade at Briargate. We were in that shopping center. Also Kevin’s bit of evidence is very telling: Clicking on the Promenade Shops link then the link on that store’s page takes you back to

My guess? Apple’s factory store will be in the Promenade Shops at Briargate.


Does EverGreen also repair Mac Computers and if so where are they located in Monument?


It is unit #315 in the Briargate shops, I think it was Bombay before. No more drives to Denver for the Apple Store experience, I am thinking those two knockoff stores in COS are gonna be hurting, wonder how many of the employees are applying… Anyone got an opening date? I think it’s still a little early to be camping out, but it looks like they are close…


The new Apple Store will be on Briargate Pkwy, I was just there today and saw that the store was under construction, there was nothing there that said it was going to be an Apple store, but I looked inside and saw some type of table going on the sides, and those Backlit billboards on the walls with nothing on them, plus if you go to apply, there is a Briargate location, I’m thrilled


MacSuperstore is coming. It will be opening around the middle of August. It’s located in the First & Main shopping center on New Center Point right next to JC Pennys. It will be a full service independent Mac store with an authorized service center and all the products and accessories you love.

Paul Adolphson

I am sure that I will be accused of working for, or being affiliated with the company, but I can tell you that friends of mine at UCCS have sent our iPods to EverGreen Electronics located in Monument. We first took our 2nd Gen Nano, 5.5 Gen Video and 4th Gen Photo to Simply Mac on Academy. They wanted an arm and a leg to repair 2 LCD’s and a battery. We then found EverGreen Electronics and were amazed. Not only were they same-day on the repairs, BUT they also saved us about $85 on all 3 repairs over what Simply Mac charges. I would recommend without hesitation!



Actually Simply Mac is an authorized service and repair center as well as an authorized seller. They do warranty and non-warranty service and repair, check out their website at


From what I’ve read on the internet and been told by a store clerk at the Promenade Shops at Briargate, the new Apple store is to be in the Promenade Shops. The location will be near Montana Mike’s restaurant.


Simply Mac actually kicks ass and MUCH better than Voelker in customer service……I actually think that Voelker is TRYING to go out of business their customer service is so horrendous. Rich is a good guy and if he’s persoally involved you’ll be ok….but typically you get his staff who should be shaking in their boots right now.

Simply Mac so far has impressed me more than the apple stores in Denver and well those I still hold in high regard…just sometimes their staff is a bit undereducated. But regardless, yes, finally we’re getting real mac stores in this town. Downtown COS though should be the next step for any smart mac store. Powers zip codes are lower income and most of the higher income zipcodes on the west side won’t drive out there (like me) because if it’s going to take that long you might as well drive to Denver for more selection


That is not an Apple store…..It’s called Simply Mac and I’m not sure what it is. When I talked to Apple (by phone) today they had never heard of it. I need to research them further to see if they are an AUTHORIZED warranty repair facility. I needed some work done on my MacBook Pro had considered going there but now I’m not sure.


The Apple Store in Colorado Springs is now open. It is located on the East side of North Academy Blvd., just north of Woodman and next door to Buffalo Wild Wings (7425 N. Academy Blvd).


My understanding is that the Colorado Springs store will be in The Promenade Shops at Briargate.


Upon further investigation, it would appear this is a Mac Superstore opening up on Powers.


I noticed a store next to the new JC Penney store on Powers Blvd. The windows are covered with paper with the Apple logo. I am a PC guy but it will be interesting to check out the Apple store. I do like there designs but I find there stuff a little too pricey. There computers aren’t that great for gaming either.


Does anyone know the Colorado Springs store location and the opening date?


And for those of you north of the border, there is also some job postings for an Apple store opening in Market Mall in Calgary, AB.

Surprising; I would’ve thought it’d go in the new Chinook Mall expansion, but I guess they couldn’t wait for the construction to finish.

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