One to Watch: Delish


ScreenshotI have a confession: even though I have a account with hundreds of bookmarks saved in it, I almost never look at it. That’s because the relentlessly textual presentation just doesn’t click with me. A new OS X client, Delish (now in beta, for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard only), just might change that for me. The key here is that it presents all of your links, tags, and bundles with graphical thumbnails, rather than as just another list. Indeed, the interface is almost exactly that of iPhoto, just transmuted to work with the site instead of with photos.

So far functionality is limited to previewing bookmarks and jumping directly to the marked sites; you’ll need to work directly with or with another client such as Pukka to add and edit new bookmarks. I also had to sync multiple times to get everything thumbnailed. But already it’s very useful for finding sites that have aged into oblivion, or recognizing things visually. If they can add in editing features, I think they’ve got it nailed.



@katie: Mike mentions my application, Pukka, in the post. You may find that a handy way to find your bookmarks is with Spotlight, since Pukka makes your bookmarks available there. URL, title, tags, account, date, etc. are all indexed.

However, if you are on Tiger, that may not be a great option since Spotlight is known to not be very speedy until Leopard. But just FYI.

Judi Sohn

Katie, I’ve found that when an application wouldn’t open it was because it’s for OS X 10.5 only (as delish is) and I was still on Tiger (OS X 10.4). Could that be it?

I just edit the post to make that point clear.


I love and have been using it for years, but lately have been really frustrated because I have SO MANY bookmarks at this point, it’s hard to use it to find anything unless I know what I’m looking for. I used to be able to browse by tag and check out sites I haven’t visited in a while. Maybe delish will help make it as usable as it used to be.

I tried to download it, and it’s in my applications but won’t open. SO not too exciting yet…

Meryn Stol

Funny, the reason I love is precisely because it’s so plain and text-based. I once installed a greasemonkey plugin which gave me article thumbnails, but found it was a distraction away from the content.

It may depend on if you mainly use it for online tools or articles. Online tools often have a very distinguishing visual appearance.

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