It’s official: billions have bailed Sprint, Clearwire from a WiMAX wipeout

Xohm_wimax_heroNothing gives more hope to a floundering business like billions of dollars injected into it. That’s what just saved the largest WiMAX movement in the U.S. as the on-again, off-again Sprint-Clearwire business partnership is on-again. They can thank folks like Comcast, Google, Intel and others who invested $3.2 billion in the new company, which will be called Clearwire. (Goodbye XOHM, we hardly knew you…)I’m not yet sure what this means for the companies that invested, but I’ll be digging around for sure based on who those companies are. What it means for mobile tech folks is that nearly-national coverage of a WiMAX network actually has a chance now. It may become a question of how quickly a rollout happens because these types of infrastructure investments typically take years and LTE, the 4G direction for most carriers, is only a few years away.

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