Haicom’s Bluetooth GPS: perfect for a small notebook or UMPC


Hi408handSince I can’t use the GPS in my USB 727, I might look into Haicom’s itty-bitty GPS module. The HI-408BT looks small, light and runs continiously for 10-hours on a single charge. The 75x30x17mm module weighs just 48 grams and has an integrated Bluetooth radio, so it will connect with the computers and UMPCs I carry around. Haicom indicates that the GPS module has only a 38-second time to first fix from a cold start; I’m sure there are GPS modules that acquire a signal faster, but for something of this small size, I think I’m sold. Now it’s just a matter of finding one to purchase since Haicom is based in Taiwan. In Japan, the MSRP is 9,975 Yen, which works out to around $95 US. There’s no mention of any software included, so you might be on your own with that.(via Akihabara News)



I’ve ordered from these guys (buygpsnow) before. They may not have this exact unit, but they have tons of options and good prices. Here’s the link:


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