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Yahoo India Adds Content To Search Results With Glue Page

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Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) has unveiled a new search-related product in India called “Glue Page”. A Glue page adds context to search results with a mashup of content from multiple sources – Wikipedia, YouTube, HolidayIQ, TrainEnquiry, and some Yahoo sites – Answers, Local, Flickr and Images. It’s like Wikipedia, and then some more.

This feature doesn’t appear to have been enabled for other geographies (screenshot), and maybe is being tested in India. The search results appear to work for specific queries – like Iron Man, Mumbai, Harbhajan Singh, and not for generic queries like “Restaurant in Delhi” or even “Harbhajan Singh Sreesanth”. It’ll be interesting to find out what percentage of Yahoo Searches from India are focused on celebrities. The Glue Page feature is still in beta, and while Frasier throws up a Glue Page result, Sex and the city does not. Another issue – with the content from the Glue Page displayed, the actual search results are relegated to just 1/4th of the page. However, one can click on a tab to access the classic search results.

There appears to be a trend of Yahoo India launching mashups – with OurCity and Local. This, I think, is their best and probably the most important implementation of mashups yet. Yahoo is expected to announce the launch of Glue Page later today.

Update: I met Gopal Krishna, Head of Audience for Yahoo India in Delhi today, and he mentioned that Glue Page is more than a mashup – they offer dynamic pages in response to user queries, and not pre-defined results. Also, Yahoo is going to offer related queries depending on the recent context. For example: If a user searches for “Nano” right now, the search delivers a Glue Page around the iPod Nano. However, around the time the Tata Nano is launched, the context will be different, and they’ll deliver a Glue Page around the car, with the iPod Nano as a related result.

4 Responses to “Yahoo India Adds Content To Search Results With Glue Page”

  1. It makes sense to me they would only roll this out on a small set of quires and geographically limited (for example to India) locations. I'm pretty sure these major search engines would have an ability to get some user satisfaction feedback metric from the results they show, and would want some data on this before rolling changes out to a larger scale.

  2. Kranti

    Hey… I tried Glue pages… its really good. its a more comprehensive way of looking up something… and if u dont want it, the classic page is just a click away.
    A welcome innovation i would say!