HDFC Bank Ties Up With ngpay For Mobile Banking


HDFC Bank has finally thrown its hat into the mobile money transfer ring – the company has tied up with NGPay, the mobile payment solution from Jigrahak , reports ET. HDFC is offering a full suite of services including access to bank accounts, shopping, ticketing and payments. The service is application based, and the bank is also offering money transfer between bank accounts. Strangely enough, the ngpay site wasn’t loading on my MTNL connection.

Prior to HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and Barclays Bank have launched mobile banking services. In related news, the Reserve Bank of India is set to release draft guidelines for mobile banking by the 15th of June, focusing primarily on safety and interoperability issues for mobile banking services.



I do not bank with HDFC bank anymore. I have experienced the worst kind of customer service from the bank's phone banking reps. a) charges for a service are not disclosed prior to the transaction b) when funds are credited no information is provided c) no refunds are given for charges applied even as you have transfered funds from SB to TD a/c. No body listens.!!!


HDFC Bank's IT System is one of the most laid back department in Corporate India [Worse then SBI]. I requested for SMS Alert activation on my Credit Card and they couldn't do it in 7 days [5 working days]. I finally cancelled the same. Customer Care Reps are very arrogant and don't even have the god damm common courtesy to appologize on behalf of their IT Dept.

Had a terrible experience with their online mutual fund investing segment as well.

I will not expect any better service from HDFC Bank's Mobile Commerce and will avoid it.

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