Burrp Had Received Angel Funding From Network18 Group CEO Haresh Chawla

There’s a rumour doing the rounds that Web18 has invested in social media startup Burrp.com. We’ve confirmed from official Network18 sources that this is not true. However, we should have probably written about this earlier – Haresh Chawla, the Group CEO of Network18 (of which Web18 is a part) had provided angel investment to Burrp. We’ve confirmed this from our sources, and this is a fairly well known fact in Mumbai circles as well. This is just for the record. We also contacted Deap Ubhi, Founder and CEO of Burrp, who has declined to comment.

Burrp provides local information and user generated reviews of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, cafés etc; has TV listings and alerts, and a user created lifestyle focused zine called Blah.