Zune software update: TV content, more sharing, autoplaylists


Microsoft gave the Zune audio player a little love with the announcement of a software update, bringing the Zune to version 2.5. Way back when, I clamored for native television content and the Zune takes a step in the right direction with Zune Marketplace content available from a number of providers like NBC Universal, MTV, COMEDY CENTRAL and more. From a social aspect, the Zune Card makes it to the desktop and your friends can see what you’re listening to in real-time. You can also send messages and share songs over the web this way. The new autoplay list feature compares to the iTunes Smart Playlist functionality, something I use in iTunes all the time to auto-create playlists based on Genres, Artists and more.

All in all, good updates for the Zune but many of these features are an attempt to "catch up" to the competition. For the Zune ecosystem to be truly successful, I think we need to see features that leap-frog the competition. Still, good updates for Zune owners.

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