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Take That, Apple! Zune Gets NBC Shows

Microsoft’s Zune is like the titular character in the movie Rudy. It’s a small fry with a lot of heart that doesn’t give up despite the giant odds (iPodds?) it’s up against. And just like Rudy, Microsoft suited up and scored a little win today nabbing TV shows like The Office and Heroes from NBC — shows Apple doesn’t have.

In a very public split last year, NBC yanked its shows from iTunes over the insistence of Apple pricing shows at a firm $1.99. The Zune Marketplace on the other hand will sell NBC’s shows for… $1.99, though the deal allows room for flexible pricing.

Microsoft will also sell shows from Comedy Central and MTV, offering an initial library of about 800 episodes total for purchase. iTunes has thousands of episodes from 600 different shows.

Just like Rudy, this big play won’t catapult the Zune into the big leagues. But a win is a win. (Cue the chanting “Zu-nee, Zu-nee, Zu-nee!”)

(DVD cover art for the film courtesy of Amazon.)

5 Responses to “Take That, Apple! Zune Gets NBC Shows”

  1. Hey Chris, I love Rudy. It is absolutley one of the best films I have ever seen. The zune keeps trucking. I would say the little engine that could, but Rudy is 10x better. Love the analogy and the relationship to the others. Thanks, Sarah