SuperTalent launches cheaper SSD drives using MLC technology

6_131_386SuperTalent is among the first to bring a lower-cost SSD drive to market using MLC or Multi-Level Cell technology, an approach that offers a cost savings over prior products that used Single-Level Cell. Three drive options are available: 30-, 60- and 120-GB, with prices at $299, $449, and $699 respectively. These offerings are external, 2.5-inch drives that use a SATA interface, so you won’t buy one of these to pop inside a notebook or UMPC, although I’d bet it can be done once you crack open the enclosure. The pricing advantage of the MLC technology is pretty clear: a 64-GB internal SSD option can easily run you around $900.NewEgg is already carrying the 30- and 60-GB models if want some fast external storage. According to SuperTalent, they’re using proprietary wear-leveling algorithms to extend the life of the SSD; good to know since SLC units have proven to last longer than MLC drives.(via Electronista)


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