SuperTalent launches cheaper SSD drives using MLC technology


6_131_386SuperTalent is among the first to bring a lower-cost SSD drive to market using MLC or Multi-Level Cell technology, an approach that offers a cost savings over prior products that used Single-Level Cell. Three drive options are available: 30-, 60- and 120-GB, with prices at $299, $449, and $699 respectively. These offerings are external, 2.5-inch drives that use a SATA interface, so you won’t buy one of these to pop inside a notebook or UMPC, although I’d bet it can be done once you crack open the enclosure. The pricing advantage of the MLC technology is pretty clear: a 64-GB internal SSD option can easily run you around $900.NewEgg is already carrying the 30- and 60-GB models if want some fast external storage. According to SuperTalent, they’re using proprietary wear-leveling algorithms to extend the life of the SSD; good to know since SLC units have proven to last longer than MLC drives.(via Electronista)


Rick Huizinga

I just picked up the 120GB SSD – they’re on sale today at NewEgg for $639.


Mmmmhh. Should wait though until we see some benchmarks. SSDs can be horribly slow when you are not looking for random access times but data throughput.


The EeePC 900 uses MLC technology on the second partition of its SSD. It is on a mini-PCIe card next to the RAM slot.

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